The Team

Meet the Communication students who planned and executed all Grunig Gala affairs.

Paige Graham, Co-Event Chair

Paige Graham, is a senior communication major at the University of Maryland. She is the Co-Event Coordinator for the 10th Annual Grunig Gala. Paige has experience in Public Relations having been an intern for Brandstyle Communications, a lifestyle, technology, and fashion based PR firm located in New York City, this past summer. She also has experience working in professional sports, having been a part of the Washington Capitals Marketing & Events team. She currently holds the title of Public Relations Manager for the University of Maryland's 'Love Your Melon' team for the 2017-18 school year, and is interning this Fall semester with The American Dental Association on their PR and branding campaigns. Upon graduation in the Spring, Paige hopes to pursue a career in Public Relations or Brand Development in California, Washington D.C. or New York.

Katherine Arias, Co-Event Chair

Katherine Arias, is a senior communication major at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a co-director for the Tenth Annual Grunig Gala. Katherine has a strong passion for event planning and coordination. She is currently interning with a wedding company that she attained this summer and was thrilled when the owner asked if she wanted to extend her internship to the fall semester. After graduation, Katherine hopes to be an event planner/coordinator in the Washington, D.C. area.

Anita Fagbamila

Anita Fagbamila, is a sophomore communications student on the public relations track at the University of Maryland. Anita has a passion for events planning and social media. She looks forward to exploring her options in the health or fashion communication.

Mia Sapienza

Mia Sapienza, is a senior Communications major with a focus in public relations and strategic messaging. She has been an intern for multiple companies that focus in branding, healthcare, entertainment, and broadcasting. On the Grunig Gala planning team she holds the position of catering and logistics pulling in her experience in management and organization. Graduating in May of 2018 she is looking forward to new opportunities in the job market and a possible "graduation celebration trip"!

Gabrielle Dominique

Gabrielle Dominique, is a junior Communication major with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Black Women Studies. She has an extensive history of internships, community service, and extracurricular endeavors that allowed her to develop skills in event planning, social media management, and digital publication. On the Grunig Gala team, Gabrielle works as a graphic design technician offering website and stationery design. Upon graduation in 2019, Gabrielle hopes to pursue a career in the fashion or entertainment industry. Her lifetime goals include becoming a published author and founding a non-profit organization.

Emily Gray

Emily Gray, is a junior communications student with a concentration in public relations at the University of Maryland. She has an interest in event planning and hopes to obtain a career in public relations within the fashion industry or event planning. 

Aysia Morton

Aysia Morton, is a senior, Communications and Government & Politics Double Major with a Spanish Minor, at the University of Maryland. She is passionately seeking to combine her interests of writing, event planning, and visual design/ directing into a career. Whether it comes to being a writer for a blog, social media coordinator, visual merchandiser, or creative director, Aysia can provide an aspect to the job that not everyone attains, passion.  

Kayler Michael

Kayler Michael, is a senior communication major at the University of Maryland focusing on social influence. She has worked at the National Prayer Breakfast for the past five years working in various capacities to help coordinate registration for over 3,000 guests and as an International Host. She also traveled to Kosovo in 2016 where she worked as an event coordinator for the International Leadership Gathering. She enjoys volunteering and coordinating events for nonprofit organizations. She hopes to attend graduate school and pursue a career in event planning or public relations in D.C.

Raven Wells

Raven Wells, is a junior communication student with a concentration on public relations. Her strong suits include event planning, designing and marketing. Raven has expressed an interest in exploring the field of criminal justice and non-profits. She is passionate about learning how to use her degree in communication to raise awareness for causes and create change. During her senior year, she hopes to gain even more experience in event planning and public relations work through internships in the DC area.

Karen Alberto

Karen Alberto, is a senior communication student with a focus in public relations at the University of Maryland. Karen has a strong passion for the sports and fashion industry. She has held internships in both areas that utilized her skills in this area. This semester she is concluding her term as vice president of communication for Delta Gamma. Karen is excited to see where her career in public relations takes her upon graduation!

Emily Fairbaugh

Emily Fairbaugh, is a senior communications studies major. She is interested in event planning, human relations and broadcast communications. She participates in private events in her service industry job and specializes in customer service and satisfaction. Her role on the Grunig team is the head contact person for the round table speakers for this years Gala. 

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